::Performance Meets Protection
The #1 Powerlifting Boot

Universal Boot from Lifter’s Athletic Wear is the only shoe designed specifically to provide the unprecedented ankle support required by high-impact sports such as weight lifting. In fact, it’s the only shoe of its kind, developed by a professional lifter who saw one too many peers back dangerously out of the rack wearing sneakers or slippers....

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::The Difference
Built in Ankle Support: Unique inner shoe acts as a built-in

ankle brace.

Extra Eyelets: More eyelets, closer together, let wearer customize

the lacing to achieve exactly the support required.

Extended High Top: Extends above the ankle forcing inline stabilization

of ankle and for added support.

Elastic Side Panels: Elastic over the ankle allows normal, up/down foot

flexion- but prevents dangerous sided to sided movements.

Reinforced Heel: Slightly wider sole in heel prevents ankle roll-out.

Flat Sole: Enables wearer to maintain balance while driving through lifts.

Sole could be easily replaced to adapt the shoe for different sports or


Round Toe Box: Provides a relaxed, comfortable fit.

Double Lacing: Design not only offers unprecedented support, but also

makes the shoe easy to lace and comfortable to wear.

Soft Leather: Only 6 Ounces.

$139.99 +T&S

Available in custom designs & colors

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